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The dream

We are iris and rene 2 crazy bitches, about 17 years ago we had the dream to move to  Tyrol, Austria. unfortunately that was canceled last minute.


Iris has been coming to Bichlbach since childhood, Vanessa Herbert sandwich manberg post hotel Hirsches etc


rene surfe, Nooi to the snow diana didn't want to come, meeting a few weeks later winter sports,  winkel contracts not signed  surf sponsor got ski clothes, photo manberg ren in love.


children Austria

children for the first time  Austria, diana encounter uncomfortable what are you doing here snow? got caught! the dream began house hunting


viewings  Heiterwang, Ehrwald & phepermule, everything around stickers German on the furniture children at school with the whole family not staying overnight. 

bank offered something big and expensive but nothing for us 


cafe on the path  great success dream remained 

crazy toko one of the largest dart businesses in the Netherlands.

holiday 2022

bought last minute maria for sale, viewing Pentecost offer!

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